How Can You Act More Like Abraham?

While Abraham was recovering from his circumcision and he was still in pain, he was still a good host to the three men/angels that came to visit him. Abraham asked if he could bring them “a bit of bread”, but in reality he and Sarah made sure that they had a lot to eat. This is much more than something we would expect from someone who is in pain. How can we act more like Abraham?

Bible Study Tools

Discuss with your children

  • How they treat friends when they come over to visit.
  • How they act when you have friends over.
  • How they behave when family comes over.
  • How they treat people who come over that they don’t know/don’t really like/were not invited.
  • How to be a good host/ess.

Bible Talk

  • Why would Abraham ask if he could bring “some water and a bit of bread” and then bring a lot of food?
  • Abraham hurried so that his guests would not have to wait, even though he was in pain. What does this tell us about him?
  • What can we learn from Abraham and the way that he lived just from these 6 lines?

 Creative Thinking

  • Think of ways that you can be good to guests.
  • Think of ways that you can be nice to strangers.
  • What are things that you can do in your life to be helpful to other people.

Homeschooling Activities

  • Write a dialogue between Abraham and the three men.
  • Write a dialogue between Abraham and Sarah.
  • Invite guests over and prepare a meal for them.
  • Do something that helps someone in your community.
  • Make a puppet show of the three men coming to visit Abraham.
  • Make a slogan for being good to your guests.
  • Make a list of ways that you can be more like Abraham.