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God told the people that anyone who makes anything like the anointment oil to smell would be cut off from his nation.

Discussion Questions:

  • What is a punishment?
  • What types of punishment do people use?
  • What is a nation?
  • What could it mean to be cut off from a nation?

Creative Thinking:

  • If God didn’t want anyone to ever make the anointment oil again why did He tell them how to make it? Why didn’t He somehow give them a ready made potion?
  • Write an essay on the limits of punishment. Talk about what you think is fair punishment and what would make a punishment too harsh.
  • How do you think a person being cut off from his nation in Biblical times is similar to how people feel in the U.K. that wanted to stay in the European Union (but because of the referendum will be leaving)?

Activities for Homeschool and After school:

  • Why would having a unique potion be so important that no one is able to even smell the potion again?
  • The U.K. just voted to leave the European Union. The majority of people voted to leave. Almost half of the people did not get their way. Some people may have wanted to make the anointment oil for some reason. How does it feel when you are not allowed to follow what you want to do? Tell how you felt when you could not do something that you wanted to do.
  • The children of Israel did not always dwell in the land of Israel (Canaan)  but they remained a nation. How do you think that the Jews managed to remain a nation even when they did not have land of their own?
  • The anointment oil was similar to a perfume. Find a perfume recipe on the Internet and make it.
  • Think of something that you are only allowed to do once or for a limited time period (like using the anointment oil) in your life. Describe how you felt when you finished and knew that you were not to do the same thing again.
  • God told the people that they were not allowed to make the potion again to smell. Why do you think that He picked the sense of smell?
  • Research the sense of smell.
  • Make a list of animals which have a good sense of smell.