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Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy the people of Sodom. Abraham took the tactic of asking if God could really destroy everyone if there were 50 good people in the city. He continued by subtracting 5 each time that he asked. His final request was asking if God would save the city if there were ten good people. Read the account of Abraham’s request to God in the Book of Genesis 18:23-32

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • If they have ever asked God for anything?
    • Was it for something personal?
    • Was it to help others?
  • Is it okay to ask God for things?
    • What types of things is it okay to ask God for?
  • When we want something from someone how should we ask?
  • Do they like the way that Abraham asked God not to destroy the people of Sodom? Why?

Abraham did not get the response that he wanted from God. Sodom was destroyed.

Creative Thinking

  • What are reasons that we would not get what we ask for from God?
  • What are reasons that we would not get what we want from our parents or friends?
  • What are some of the reasons that we say no to things that we are asked?

Homeschooling Activities

  • If you could make one request of God what would it be?
      • Write out what you would say to God. Think out carefully how you would explain the value of what you are asking for.
  • If you could make one request of your Prime Minister or President, what would it be?
      • If you were given a two minute audience with your Prime Minister or President what would you request? Write out a speech what lasts no more than two minutes.
  • Write out the differences and similarities between asking something from God, your country’s leader and your parents.
  • What would be a good thing of someone to ask of you?
      • Write a little advertisement stating something of value that you are willing to do for someone else. (This could be something that you are willing to do to help out at home, or something for a neighbor or a friend – like raking leaves for someone who finds this hard to do.)
  • If God were to ask you for something, what do you think that it would be?