Creative Thinking Exercises

Here are a list of creative thinking projects that you can try. You are sure to find some that fit each discussion point that you will find in each blog. Be creative!

If you think of other projects please let me know.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking exercises can be used as Bible study tools.

Pick a Project and Have Fun!!!

  • Write a journal entry – What would your character write into their diary on that day of their life? What were they thinking or feeling? A journal entry is written totally from the person’s point of view and often includes very personal information since it is private.
  • Create an interview with one of the characters – What questions would an interviewer ask your character about themselves and the activities that they are involved in? What would your character answer?
  • Be an anchorperson on the news – An anchorperson is only given one or two minutes to tell the most important aspect of something happening in the news. What would they say about your situation or person?
  • Write a newspaper article about the event or a person – A newspaper article has a limited amount of space to write about the most up-to-date event that is of interest to many people.
  • Create a radioprogram– There are many kinds of radio shows. For instance there are talk programs, music programs, informational programs, and comedy programs.
  • Draw a billboard – A billboard is a large advertisement which appears at the side of the road or on a building. It needs to catch someone’s eye and give over information in a short glance, because people only see it for a short time.
  • Create a TV show– There are many kinds of TV shows. For instance there are comedy shows, talk shows, dramas, reality shows, cartoons and cooking shows. Many shows about different professions, such as doctors, lawyers, police.
  • Write debate points for one or both sides of a debate – A debate is a structured argument. A topic is given to two teams, one of which defends it, while the other opposes. Write down points that are important to defend or refute the given topic. For instance: Going up the mountain before the binding of Isaac, Isaac was more afraid than Avraham.
  • Create a tweet or two – A tweet is a 140 character message posted via Twitter. Since you only have a short space you must make your words count to get people’s attention. Create a tweet to let others know what is happening.
  • Write a blurb for a book jacket – A blurb is at most a few paragraphs which describes a book’s contents. The blurb is a very important tool to get the reader’s attention so that they will buy the book. If there were a book about your discussion point what would the blurb say?
  • Write a blog entry – Since you are reading this blog you probably know what a blog is already.  A blog is a journal entry which is published on the web. Unlike a journal entry this is meant for the public to read, so very private feelings and emotions are often not included. It is a way of sharing information, or feelings with other people who are interested in the same topic. If you were writing a blog about your discussion point, what would you write that would be of interest to others?
  • Make a TV commercial – A TV commercial is a very short TV program trying to sell  or give information about a product, organization or person. A TV commercial lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. Keep in mind that you have to keep people’s attention or they will change the channel, walk away, or turn off the TV.    You could make a commercial about why someone should think a certain way, do something, or go to a certain place.
  • Teach a class on the subject – In order to teach a class you must plan what you want your students to learn and how you are going to get this information across. Decide if you are going to teach your information in the order in which it happened, according to topic areas or where the events happened. You may want to use several methods of instruction to keep your student’s attention. think of using a combination of a short film, the computer, whiteboard/chalkboard, discussion, worksheets or other presentation methods.
  • Make a board game – This can be based on a common game where you spin dice  and move ahead landing on squares which have different instructions, or a trivia game. You might have squares stating something bad that happened and send the player back three squares, or something good and let them go forward or get an extra turn.
  • Write a poem – Look up how to write various kinds of poems.  You can write about events, people, feelings, or reasons why something happened.
  • Make a radio commercial – A radio commercial is like a TV commercial (see above) but without any actions as it is only heard.
  • Give a lecture – A lecture is an oral presentation that is given before an audience to teach about a specific subject. There is none or very little audience participation with a lecture, although sometimes there is a question and answer period at the end. Make sure to research your topic well.
  • Create a song (you can use a tune that you already know) – A song is a way of telling something through music. It can tell about a character, an event, feelings or emotions through a song. You may sing by yourself or write a song which includes other voices as well. You may use instruments if you want.
  • Write an advertisement for a magazine – Unlike a billboard (see above) a magazine advertisement is seen up close so it may have more information and/or smaller pictures. It may also be viewed for longer because it is held in the person’s hand. However, it also has to catch the reader’s attention.
  • Write a children’s book – Children’s books usually have very few words and the words are simple. You can write only the text (words) for the book or include pictures, which are an important part of children’s books. Books can tell about events or people.
  • Write a story – Write a story about a person or an event. It can be serious, funny, dramatic or suspenseful. Look up different kinds of stories.
  • Make a power point presentation – A power point presentation is a slide show which is created on your computer. If you don’t know how learn how to make a power presentation. Think of some aspect of the blog’s discussion point that you would like to present.
  • Design a book cover – A book cover is important because it is supposed to catch the eye of the potential reader and persuade them that they would like to read the book. If you had a book about the discussion point what would you have on the book cover to get people to read the book? Remember that both the title and the picture are important as well as anything else that you put on the cover. There is usually very little written on a cover other than the title and author’s name.
  • Create a flyer – A flyer is a paper advertisement that is usually widely given out to houses or posted on communal bulletin boards. The purpose is to make an announcement, tell about an event, sell a service or product or send a message.
  • Create a business card– Create a business card that your chosen personality would give out. Since you only have a small space you must think carefully what you would write. The information should tell something important about the individual or company.
  • Have a debate – A debate is a structured argument. A topic is given to two teams, one of which defends it, while the other opposes. You can have an informal debate or look up the rules for a formal debate. Either way, each side must think of the important reasons why they agree with the topic or disagree with it (according to their side) and be able to tell why the other side is wrong.
  • Write a comic routine – A comic routine makes people laugh, but it also gets them to think about the subjects discussed. The routine can be based on one event/person or several with a number of short jokes/funny comments.
  • Make a puppet show – Take puppets or dolls that you have in the house, or make some new ones to use for your show. A puppet show is a good way of acting out a story without having to act in front of an audience. (You can turn a table on its side to hide behind, while your dolls perform in front of your audience.)
  • Be a TV announcer at the scene – A TV announcer at the scene has to give the most up-to-date news about the event. Sometimes they give a running commentary about what is happening.

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Let me know what you are thinking on the topic and which project you decided to use to express yourself.

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