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Enjoying the Bible through Bible Study Tools

Welcome to Enjoying the Bible!

In this blog I will be giving a variety of Bible questions to use as Bible study tools. They are meant to help you discuss the Bible with your children (or students). I will be starting with the Book of Genesis and working slowly through the Bible. These are great to use around the dinner table, at bedtime, or for homeschooling. You can follow the discussion with creative thinking exercises. Use this blog to help you navigate through the Bible online in depth with your child.

How Can You Use These Exercises?

Each blog contains discussion questions as well as creative thinking questions and activities. Take the time to discuss the issues with your children/students. This will get their minds thinking about what happened. The creative thinking questions and the activities can be used as one unit or be divided. In other words a student may be asked to pick an assignment from one section or the other, or you could view them as one. You can assign a question or activity at your discretion or let your student pick for himself. You do not have to be consistent. The assignments vary so try to make sure that each student picks a variety of types of questions over time. For a thorough list of ways to use these exercises look at Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Workbook.

What is the aim of these Bible study tools?

The aim of the Bible study tools are to help you and your children connect to and enjoy the Bible.  Whether you simply talk about the bible questions or do the exercises you are connecting with the Bible. Bible study can take many forms and this Bible online site is hoping to help you and your family connect to the number one selling book of all times.

Why is the Bible the Number One Selling Book of All Times?

There are many answers to why the Bible has continued to be the best selling book. One reason is that it offers so much to us as people. It also teaches us life lessons and helps us be better people. But, it can only do these things if we let it into our lives. So, try discussing the Bible questions with your families and doing some of the creative thinking activities.

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