6               Excerpt from Enjoying Exodus: The Bible in Rhyme by Marcia Goldlist

The priests were told what to do with the blood of the bull by the altar.

Discussion Questions:

  • Are you squeamish around blood?
  • Do you think that the priests thought about the blood while performing their duties?
  • Do you think that you would be able to perform this function in the tabernacle?

Creative Thinking Questions:

  • We are conscious that animals are living and that we kill them for food (and in the past sacrifices). Why do we not think about plucking a vegetable from the ground or fruit from a tree?
  • Is there a difference between killing a wild animal for food and killing an animal which was raised for that purpose? Explain your answer.

Activities for Homeschooling and Afterschooling:

  • Research blood. What purpose does it have?
  • Guess how much blood we have in our bodies. Pick five animals and guess how much blood they have in their bodies. Now find out how much blood we and these animals really have.
  • Could you cut open an animal and climb inside of it to keep warm if you needed to survive? Explain how you would feel.
  • Do you think that you could be a surgeon and put your hands inside of someone’s body? Explain your answer.
  • Write a journal entry for the ground when a carrot gets pulled out from it.
  • Write a conversation between two apples: one which fell from a tree and one which was picked from the tree.
  • Do you think that people are more squeamish around blood today than they used to be? Do you think that this is related to being able to buy our meat and fish packaged at a store rather than having to hunt and kill it ourselves?