Discussion Questions:

  • What does it mean to be unique?
  • How do you feel when you want to buy something and it is no longer available?

Creative Thinking:

  • Think of at least five reasons why this oil was not to be made again.
  • Why is marketing something as only being manufactured for a short time a good sales technique?
  • What reasons could God have for saying not to pour (use) the oil on human flesh?

Activities for Homeschool and After-school:

  • Name at least one unique quality about yourself and tell about it.
  • Explain why the oil would be more special if it was never made again.
  • Why can companies charge more for something that is a limited edition?
  • If you were a product would you prefer to be manufactured for a long time or to be only produced for a short time? Explain.
  • Design a campaign to sell a product that was only going to be made for two weeks.
  • What qualities make people want to buy or use a product?
  • Describe how the oil felt when it heard that it was never to be made again.