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Bible Study Tools

Send me your activities which you have created for the Bible questions. If you used the questions in the blogs as Bible Study Tools around the family table then send me some of your thoughts. I will be glad to add some to the blog for others to see! Email me at:

Email me your thoughts on the Bible questions and your creative thinking projects.

Have your thoughts and creative thinking projects appear on Enjoying the Bible.

Homeschooling or Family Discussion

The blogs are meant to be used around the family table, or for homeschooling activities as Bible study tools. This can take the form of an alternative or supplementary way to study the Book of Genesis or Exodus. There are many issues and emotions to be analyzed and discussed in the Bible.  I hope that the activities presented will lead to the whole family Enjoying the Bible!

For easy access you can buy Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Workbook. This book contains 120 exercise pages with verses, discussion and creative thinking questions as well as activities all at your fingertips.

Continuing Creative Thinking

Don’t forget to sign up on the side of the blog to have new updates emailed to you directly. It’s a great way to study the Bible Online.

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Let me know what you are thinking on the topic and which project you decided to use to express yourself.

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