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The children of Israel left Egypt. They are in the wilderness and see the Egyptians coming. They complain that they would rather have been slaves in Egypt. God tells Moses to tell the children of Israel to move forward. This means that they are to go into the Sea of Reeds.

Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions About Asking for Help:

  • Why do people often cry out for help before figuring out their options?
  • Do you think that you get more help from someone if you say, “What should I do?” or do you get more help when you ask advice between various options that you lay out?

Creative Thinking:

  • Moses and the children of Israel had left Egypt. They now stood in front of the Sea of Reeds and were being pursued by the Egyptians. Think of as many options as possible of things that they could have done.
    • Divide the options into three categories: really bad options, best options under the circumstances, and possibilities (i.e. not the worst, but not the best).
  • Think of all the reasons that the children of Israel could come up with not to go into the Sea of Reeds.

Homeschooling Activities for Homeschoolers, Youth Groups, and Much More:

  • The children of Israel were told to move forward. This meant that they were to travel into the Sea of Reeds. Write a list of safety rules for them.
  • Research the Sea of Reeds.
  • Write a pep talk to give to the children of Israel explaining to them that they are all to walk into the Sea of Reeds.
  • Why do you think Moses cried out to God? Why did Moses not just make a decision by himself?
  • Have you ever been faced with something that you considered too hard to do? Did you not want to go forward? Tell about it.
  • What would be the characteristics of the first few people who willingly walked into the Sea of Reeds?
  • Describe to someone what it felt like and all of your emotions taking the first few steps into the Sea of Reeds.
  • Describe the thoughts of one of the children of Israel far back from the Sea of Reeds waiting for his/her turn to walk into the water.
  • Write what the Sea of Reeds was thinking when it heard Moses tell the children of Israel that they were to go forward into the Sea of Reeds.