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Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions:

  • The children of Israel had seen the “hand of God” before, during the plagues in Egypt, so why does it only say now that they had faith in God and in Moses?
  • What does it mean to revere someone?
  • What does it mean to be sincere?

Creative Thinking:

  • Why would the splitting of the Sea of Reeds be a bigger miracle than the ten plagues?

Homeschool Activities:

  • Do you revere anyone? Who is it and why do you revere him or her?
  • Are you sincere about anything? What is it and why are you sincere about it?
  • Do you have faith in anyone? Who is it and why do you have faith in him or her?
  • Write what you think it would have been like to see the sea coming over the Egyptians at the Sea of Reeds.
  • Explain the emotions that you think God felt when He drowned the Egyptians.
  • Have you ever seen anything that could be considered the “hand of God”? What happened? Explain why you could describe it as the “hand of God”.
  • Do you think that the Egyptians recognized that it was the “hand of God” which inflicted their death? Explain why or why not.