God is about to tell His requirements for how Aaron and his sons are to become holy so that they can serve God. 

Discussion Questions:

  • Can anyone serve God?
  • Why did Aaron and his sons have to become holy to serve God?
  • Should we be doing something to become holy?
  • Is everyone able to become holy?

Creative Thinking:

  • Write a journal entry for God describing how He feels people today do in the holiness department.
  • Aaron and his sons had responsibilities to the children of Israel and to God. Read about what was involved regarding Aaron and his sons in the book of Exodus chapter 29 and then write a modern day version.

Activities for Homeschooling and After-Schooling:

  • Read chapter 29 in the book of Exodus and record what Aaron and his sons were to do to become holy.
  • Why does God give a list of things that have to be done for Aaron and his sons to be holy?
  • Describe ways that people today can be holy.
  • Write about someone that you believe deserves the title “holy”.
  • Describe in your own words what you believe God means by “holy”.
  • Why is it important to God that Aaron and his sons serve Him?
  • God tells Moses what has to be done. Why doesn’t He speak directly to Aaron?
    • Think of an example in your life where something was told to someone else about how to prepare you for something important. How did this make you feel? Was there a reason that the person did not talk directly to you?