The wise-hearted people of the children of Israel were told to make special clothes for Aaron, who was to become the high priest, so that he would be holy. 

Discussion Questions:

  • There is an expression, “The clothes make the man.” What does this mean? Do you agree with it?
  • The wise-hearted people of the children of Israel were to make special clothes for Aaron. Why would God ask that he wear special clothes?
  • Can we speak to God in our everyday clothes? Does it matter what we wear? Do you think that Aaron was different?

Creative Thinking Questions:

  • Create a list of times when it is justified to have a dress code only for certain people.
  • Explain why you think that it is okay or not okay for God to distinguish Aaron with special clothing.
  • What is the difference, if any, of God giving Aaron special clothing and Jacob giving Joseph a special tunic?

Activities for Homeschooling and Afterschooling:

  • Do you think that Aaron would be a less effective priest to God if he didn’t have special clothing. Explain your reasoning.
  • Design an emblem that would be appropriate for an organization that you belong to.
  • Describe a situation in which you felt that you were dressed inappropriately. Explain how you felt.
  • Why do people care about how they are dressed?
  • Aaron’s clothes were designed by God. Write a journal entry for Aaron explaining how this made him feel.
  • Design a piece of clothing that would help you pray to God.
  • Write a poem or a song to describe how you would feel putting on a piece of clothing for the first time that was designed by God especially for you.
  • Why do we sometimes like new clothes better than old clothes and yet want to buy new clothes?