God tells the children of Israel that they are to follow what they were shown and make what they are instructed as they were informed.

Discussion Questions:

  • When is it especially important to follow instructions?
  • When is it not important to follow instructions?
  • When should you definitely not follow instructions?
  • How do you know the difference between the above three?

Creative Thinking Activities:

  • Get someone to promise to follow your instructions precisely. Give them a set of instructions. How did s/he do?
  • Tell someone to write exact instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now follow their instructions exactly. Do what they say or write down do not do what you know they mean. For instance if s/he wrote to take a piece of bread try and take a piece of bread without opening the bag. Have the person rewrite the instructions until you can actually make the sandwich.

Homeschool Activities for Homeschooling and Afterschooling:

  • The children of Israel were told to make what they had seen. Have someone make a picture of something and then try to make the object.
  • Just because you have seen something does not mean that you would be able to make the item by yourself. What does someone need to be able to make an item. Write a list of what someone would need.
  • Is it easier to make a cabinet with precise instructions that you must follow exactly or without any instructions? Explain your reasoning.
  • Do you think that an artist that copies a painting is less of an artist than one who creates their own? Explain your reasoning.
  • Create a flyer for getting your friends to follow what their parents tell them to do.
  • The children of Israel were to make articles that conformed to what they were previously shown. Do you like to conform to rules? Give the pros and cons to conforming.
  • The children of Israel were told that they had to make utensils, clothing, and the tent in an exact manner. Write a poem or song about worrying if you would be able to make an item exactly as prescribed.
  • Create a commercial or comic strip that would explain to a young child that sometimes you should not follow what others tell you.