The children of Israel are told by God that they are not to cause pain to widows or orphans.


  • Why would widows and orphans be considered special?
  • Is it okay to cause pain to people who are not widows or orphans?
  • What kind of things do people do that cause you pain?

Creative Thinking:

  • When is it acceptable to cause someone pain? Make a list of at least 5 circumstances.
  • List at least 5 reasons that the Bible would single out widows and orphans.
  • The only difference between window and widow is an ‘n’. Find similarities between the two.

Homeschooling Activities:

  • Should we have to be told not to cause pain to someone or should this be automatic? Explain.
  • Should a person who was wronged or hurt complain? Explain.
  • If a person who was wronged or hurt does not complain is s/he somewhat to blame if someone else is hurt by the same perpetrator?
  • Why would God not just tell the children of Israel not to cause pain to anyone?
  • God links the widow and orphan to the children of Israel because they were slaves in Egypt (which was a foreign land). What is the relationship between being slaves in a foreign land and being a widow or an orphan?
  • Why do you think some people complain more than others?
  • Make a list of five rules for the children of Israel to follow to make it easier for them not to hurt a widow or an orphan.