God gives laws to the children of Israel. These laws include how much compensation is to be given for an animal eating from a neighbor’s field or vineyard.


  • What kind of punishments are given today for people taking what isn’t theirs?
  • What does it mean to be fair?
  • What makes a punishment a fair punishment?
  • Is letting your livestock eat from someones field the same as stealing? Explain.

Creative Thinking:

  • Name three valid reasons that someone would let their livestock loose in a field or vineyard that they did not own.
  • Name three invalid reasons that someone would let their livestock loose in a field or vineyard that they did not own.
  • Pick five law violations and write compensatory consequences that you think would be fair.
  • Imprisonment is a threat for most crimes today. Explain why you think that imprisonment or repayment of goods is a better punishment.

Homeschool Activities:

  • In the case given in the Bible livestock took something that did not belong to it. If a minor child steals from a store should the parent or the child be responsible for payment? Explain.
    • What should be done if the parent or the child did not have the money to repay the owner?
  • In the Bible the children of Israel are told that if their cattle eat from someone else’s field they are to compensate from the best of their field. Why do you believe that it is fair, or not fair, to have to compensate with what could be a higher level of produce and therefore worth more money?
  • If you have any farms or vineyards near you go for a visit and see if you can help pick some produce.
  • Pick three different kinds of produce and state what you should look for that makes each one the best quality possible.
  • The Bible does not talk about people going to jail. Research when and why jails were instituted.
  • Choose three kinds of livestock and find out what they like to eat.
  • Write a defense for a farmer claiming that another farmer did not compensate him with the best of his produce.

Check out all of the law given to the children of Israel in the desert via Moses by God in Enjoying Exodus: The Bible in Rhyme.