We are told in the fifth commandment (fourth by Catholics) to honor our father and our mother. We are also told a reward for doing so – our days will be lengthened upon the land which God gave to the children of Israel.

Discussion Questions:

  • What does it mean to honor someone?
  • What are some ways to honor people?
  • Is it hard to honor people?

Creative Thinking:

  • Is honoring your father different than honoring your mother?
  • What could be the reasons for saying to “honor your father and your mother” instead of “honor your parents”?

Homeschool Activities:

  • If you could ask God why he included honoring our father and our mother as one of the Ten Commandments, what do you think that He would answer?
  • Write a poem telling your dad that you honor him. You might want to get some ideas from the book Cards & Toasts for Father’s Day: Express Yourself in Rhyme or The Big Book of Cards & Toasts for Almost All Occasions: Express Yourself in Rhyme, but make sure to write your own poem.
  • God told us to honor our father and our mother and then He tells us a reward for doing so. If God tells us to do something should He need to give us a reward? Explain.
  • Do you think that rewards motivate people to do something that they should do anyway? Explain.
  • Research the instigation of Father’s Day.
  • If you could create a national holiday, what would it be? Explain why you believe that it is worthy of being a holiday.
  • Do you think that fathers are different than mothers? If so how and if not why not?
  • Make a gift for Father’s Day. Explain why it is an appropriate gift.

Take a look at the article “Is Father’s Day a Religious Holiday?”