God tells Moses that the children of Israel should listen to Him and follow the commandments which He gave. God gives the reason that the whole world belongs to Him.


  • If someone owns a toy or game, do you have to play by their rules? Explain.
  • If God created the world does it automatically belong to Him?
  • If God did not create the world, (even if you believe that God did create the world, just suppose right now) can He still claim that the world belongs to Him?
  • If God allows man to rule the world can He still say that the whole world belongs to Him?

Creative Thinking:

  • God says that the whole world belongs to Him. If the world belonged to you list five things that you would make people do and five things that you would not let them do. Give a reason for each.
  • God says that the whole world belongs to Him, but He is only telling the children of Israel to follow His commandments. Is it okay to give different children (the children of Israel in this case) different rules to live by?

Activities for Homeschooling Bible (youth groups, ministries, thinking about the Bible around the family table, etc.):

  • What is the world made of?
  • What is a continent? Define continent and name them all.
  • What is the difference between the world and the universe?
  • Do you think that there is another world besides ours? Why or why not?
  • God is in charge of the world and your parents are in charge of your family. Is it a good analogy to relate your family to God and the world? Explain.
  • If the whole world belongs to God why do people use up resources and cause so much pollution?
  • Create a flyer with rules to take care of the world.
  • God gave the children of Israel a reason to listen to Him. If God tells man to do something should He need to give a reason?
  • Think of five other reasons that God could have given the children of Israel for listening to and obeying His commandments.