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Moses raised his hands to motivate the children of Israel who were fighting Amalek. His hands grew tired and Hur and Aaron helped him.

Discussion Questions Related to Needing Help:

  • Have you ever needed physical help?
    • How did it make you feel?
  • Have you ever needed help with something that was not physical?
    • How was this different than needing help with something physical?

Creative Thinking:

  • Is it harder to help someone with something physical or mental? Why?
  • Moses needed support for his arms. This is physical support. People also need mental support. List ways that you can support your friends.

Homeschool Activities (for Language Arts, ministries, youth groups, discussions around the table, and thinking):

  • Moses raised his hand to motivate the children of Israel. What are ways that you can help motivate someone?
  • Create a campaign for your neighborhood to encourage neighbors to help other neighbors. Use at least two of the following media:
    • local newspaper advertisement
    • flyer
    • twitter
    • billboard
    • door-to-door campaign
    • Facebook
    • school paper
  • Write a journal entry for Moses about how he felt to be helped by Hur and Aaron.
  • How did the stone feel to be used as a chair to help Moses motivate the children of Israel?
  • It is hard to stand for a long time with your hand in the air. Develop exercises to strengthen the arm. Create a memo which you can circulate to people explaining what to do and why.
  •  Moses was obviously exhausted. Write about exhaustion.
  • We are not told that Hur and Aaron were asked for help by Moses. What are signs that someone needs help?