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Joshua led the children of Israel to war against Amalek. When Moses raised his hand, Israel was strong. When Moses lowered his hand the children of Israel were overpowered.

Discuss Motivation:

  • What is motivation?
  • What motivates you?
  • Is inspiration the same as motivation?

Creative Thinking About Motivation:

  • Make a step-by-step plan to motivate yourself or someone else to do something.
  • Write a speech to motivate people fighting for a cause that you believe in.

Homeshcool Activities:

  • Give a motivational speech to your family to get them to do something that you want to do together.
  • Do you think that fighting in a war is more of a group of individuals fighting or is it more of a group effort?
  • Find out why the children of Israel fought against Amalek.
  • Create a TV commercial of no more than one minute to motivate students to do their best.
  • What types of things discourage you from doing something.
  • Joshua led the children of Israel to fight against the Amalek. Who were the Amaleks?
  • Joshua led the children of Israel to fight. What does it take to be a good military leader?
  • How could seeing Moses‘ hand in the air motivate the children of Israel that were fighting against the Amalek with Joshua?