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Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme has just become available on Amazon as both an ebook and a paperback

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme

Here are the two latest reviews that I received for Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme:

What Marcia has achieved in putting the Book of Ruth in verse form may be summed up in two keenly felt points. The first point is that in putting this sacred text in verse form, she has breathed new life in the reading of it for anyone who has ever read it before. I cannot overstate how much this literary treatment by Marcia impacted my reading of the story of Ruth.

It is the mental adjustment one must make to reading the text in rhyming verse form that also induces the reader to pay more attention to every line in the unfolding story. Often, when reading the bible, there are those bits of factual background material that one soon learns to block out. They are often tedious and they do not move the story along. Yet, even those lines come alive when reading the book in verse form. As do the rest of the lines in this marvelous story. I highly recommend to any one who sees value in reading the Book of Ruth to get this version.

The second point is that having a long and meaningful story in this form renders it both highly performable and wonderfully easy to follow for the audience of those who would read aloud this book. The possibilities for sharing the performance of this story of Ruth are exciting to ponder. One could share the public reading of this book with a group of adults who wish to experience and later discuss this story with each other. A class of Children could read sections of it aloud.

I am deeply grateful for the enormous amount of work Marcia Goldlist has put into this work of pure genius. I have done a little bit of transcribing of single passages of the Bible in modern verse myself and can testify to the effort this requires. And Marcia has rendered the entire book in verse form. I read the sacred texts of many religions, and have a library full of works by authors who explain or interpret such texts. This book, and all of Marica’s Bible-in-verse Books, belongs in the company of those works.

The reader should not miss the value of what Marcia has accomplished here. The original writers of most sacred texts around the world composed most of those works in verse form. This means the readers of Marcia’s work are for the first time getting to experience those texts in a form they were created in and meant to be experienced in. I think this will make a significant difference to anyone who reads; Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme.

And here’s the second review:

For anyone who wishes to read the various books of the Bible, but is too intimidated to do so, I recommend this fun, novel way to get to know the most published book in History and be wowed by Marcia Goldlist’s brilliant poetical rendering of ‘The Book of Ruth’—a work of genius. If this interpretation had been available to me at school, my appreciation and knowledge of the Holy Book would have been nourished, and I would have been encouraged to gain a deeper understanding.

Check out Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme for yourself.

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