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The children of Israel protest to  Moses that they are thirsty. Moses asks the children of Israel why they protest against him and why they test God.

Discussion Questions About Quarreling and Protesting:

  • What is a quarrel?
  • When do people quarrel?
  • What does it mean to protest?
  • When do people protest?

Creative Thinking About Protesting:

  • What do you think makes some protests peaceful and some protests violent?
  • Make a list of ten things that you think are worth protesting about.
  • Make a list of ten things that people complain about that are not worth protesting about.

Homeschooling Activities which can be used for discussion around the family table, youth groups, English Language Arts, or just to think about:

  • In the Bible it is very clear that the water came from God. Why do you think that the children of Israel protested to Moses?
  • Write about three recent protests in your country.
  • Write about three recent protests in another country.
  • Write about a quarrel that you or someone else has with God.
  • Create a flyer to give out to the children of Israel before their protest to make sure that it stays peaceful.
  • Write out ten rules to give to the police before they go to guard at a protest.
  • Create a live broadcast from the scene where the children of Israel were protesting against Moses because they were thirsty.
  • Explain in  detail to someone what it is to be thirsty.
  • Write a diary entry that God or Moses might write about the children of Israel protesting because they are thirsty.