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God tells the children of Israel to put away an omer of manna to guard for the future generations to see. 


  • Do you have anything in your house that was handed down from a grandparent? Why is it special?
  • Why would God want some of the manna (the special food that He created for the children of Israel in the wilderness) to be saved?

Creative Thinking:

  • What do you have that you would like to put away for your grandchildren and their grandchildren to see?
    • Why do you think it is good for them to see this item?
  • Make a list of things in history that should have been put away for us to see today.
  • Make a list of things that we should consider putting away for future generations to see.

Homeschooling Activities for Everyone (Youth Groups, English Language Programs, Around the Family Table, or Just for Fun Because You Like to Think):

  • Research how food has changed over time.
  • What are the new trends in food?
    • Why are these foods becoming popular?
    • Try a new food and write about it.
  • Research what happened to the omer of manna that was put away by the children of Israel.
  • Check out how much food an omer would be?
  • Write about why we should care that the future knows how we live today.
  • Write a journal entry for some manna that was not put away. Was it happy or disappointed not to be picked.
  • Write a journal entry for the manna that the children of Israel put away.