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Each person was allowed an omer of manna. Manna was the special bread which God made for the children of Israel.

Discuss Weights and Measures:

  • For what purposes do we use weights and measures?
  • Do you think that weights and measures were a good invention?

Creative Thinking About Weights and Measures:

  • What are the pros and cons for being allowed only a very specific portion of food?
  • What is the advantage to a supermarket of having a price per weight for some foods?

Homeschooling Activities for Homeschoolers and Everyone Else:

  • Is one kind of food as satisfying as another kind of food? For instance is a pound/kilogram of rice cakes as satisfying as a pound/kilogram of chicken?
  • An omer was a unit of measure. Make a chart of various units of measurement.
  • Why do you think that God only created one kind of food for the children of Israel?
  • In your house are you given food on your plate or does everyone take what they want from the serving dishes? Explain the benefits for the way that your family serves food. What are the disadvantages.
  • Would you mind measuring your food before eating it? Why or why not?
  • Do you think that most of the children of Israel would have measured their food as requested? Why or why not?
  • God told the children of Israel to measure their food. Do you think that someone could have tricked God and take a different measurement of food?
  • Do you think that we would be a healthier nation of we stilled used weights and measurement to control our food intake?