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The children of Israel complain to Moses that there is no food. Moses confronts God who says that he will rain down food from heaven. But, there is a condition. The people are to go out and gather a day’s portion every day without leaving any left over except on the Sabbath. This is a test from God. 


  • God provided food for the children of Israel, but he made rules for gathering and eating the food. When someone gives you something but attaches requirements or rules are you just as happy with the gift?
  • What is a test?

Creative Thinking:

  • Is God raining down food from heaven any more of a miracle than Him making it appear from the ground? Explain why or why not.

Bible Homeschooling Activities for Everyone – Even if you don’t homeschool:

  • What is the benefit of people going out to gather their own food?
  • How would life be different today if people had to spend time going out to collect their food? Is this the same as having to go to the supermarket? If not how is it different?
  • Why would God connect going out to collect food with testing the people?
  • Why do people so often not follow directions?
  • How did the refrigerator change people’s lives?
  • How do refrigerators work?
  • How did the modern oven change people’s lives?
  • If you could only eat one kind of food, what would it be? Why? Think of ways that you could vary that food to make it a bit different so that you could have some variety.