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The children of Israel now complain to Moses because they are hungry.

Discuss Complaining About Being Hungry:

  • What is the difference between being hungry and starving?
  • The children of Israel were taken out of slavery, saved from the Egyptians, given water to drink, and yet they still complain. Did they have a right to complain?

Creative Thinking About Complaining:

  • Make a list of things that it is okay to complain about and a list of things it is not okay to complain about.

Bible Homeschoool Activities that Anyone Could Do:

  • It is possible that the children of Israel ate until they were full when they were slaves, but it is also possible that they remembered things as being better than they were. We all do this at times. Why do you think that we sometimes remember things in the past as being better than they really were?
  • Do you think that it was fair of the children of Israel to say to Moses that he led them into the wilderness to be killed? Explain.
  • How much food do people need to eat to stay alive?
  • Most people in North America today eat much more than they need to. Why do you think that this occurred?
  • Interview one of the children of Israel about why s/he is complaining.
  • Why is bread the symbol of all food?
  • Follow a recipe and make a loaf of bread. Write a description of how the bread tastes to you.
  • Explain why you think the children of Israel complained to Moses and not to God.