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After the children of Israel crossed the Sea of Reeds safely they went for three days without finding any water. The children of Israel complained to Moses and Moses asked God what to do. God gave a solution to Moses.

Bible Study Tools


  • What happens today when people feel they need something that doesn’t exist?
  • We all need water to survive. If you complain because you don’t have something that you really need is it different than complaining that you don’t have something that you just want?

Creative Thinking:

  • Many people in the world live without clean water. Do you have a responsibility to help them get clean water? Why or why  not?
  • What options did the children of Israel have besides asking God for water to drink?

Homeschool Activities That Everyone Can Use:

  • Why do people complain?
  • Find out where in the world today people do not have clean drinking water.
  • God told Moses to put wood into water to make it taste sweet and good. That is an invention. Research some new inventions that turn unsuitable water into drinking water.
  • If the water tasted bitter, but had nothing wrong with it, should the children of Israel have drunk it without rejecting it?
  • How much water are people supposed to drink in a day? Why do we need to drink water?
  • Think of something that does not exist where you live that you think people would use. Make a plan of how you could create this thing.
  • The water that the children of Israel found tasted bitter. After Moses put the wood into the water it tasted sweet and good. Find out how we taste different flavors.

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