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Moses tells the children of Israel that the Egyptians which they will see will not be seen anymore. God is going to make a war for them, but they have to keep quiet while He does this.


  • Why is it so hard not to talk?
  • Why would God be willing to wage war for the children of Israel?

Creative Thinking:

  • God would not take the children of Israel the short way to Canaan (Israel) because He was afraid that they would want to turn back if they saw war. Now God is saying that He will wage war for them. What are the differences between the two situations?

Homeschool Activities for Everyone:

  • Dumb means not to be able to talk. Research dumbness.
  • Write a story about someone who always feels that they have to say something.
  • Try not to talk for a whole day (or at least a few hours). Write about your experience.
  • Explain a situation where it is better to keep quiet.
  • Explain a situation where it is very important to speak up.
  • Describe what silence sounds like.
  • Why do you think that God would make a requirement that the children of Israel had to remain silent.