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The children of Israel escaped into the desert. When they thought that they were free they saw the Egyptians coming after them. At this point they ask Moses if it would not have been better to serve as slaves in Egypt then be free in the wilderness where they believe that they will die.


  • When is it better to struggle and when is it better to give up”?
  • After the children of Israel saw all of the plagues in Egypt should they not have had faith that they could survive? Explain.

Creative Thinking:

  • Explain to someone why you would rather stay a slave or take your chances in the wilderness as a free person.
  • The children of Israel had left slavery in Egypt. Does this mean that they were free of all obligations? Describe what it means to be free.

Activities for Homeschoolers and Everyone Else:

  • Describe how you decide if one thing is better for you than something else.
  • Explain why the children of Israel would have been afraid that they were going to die in the wilderness.
  • Do you think that the children of Israel should have had more faith that they could have survived? That Moses would help them? That God would help them?
  • Research survival techniques that you would need to stay alive in the wilderness by yourself.
  • Write a journal entry for Moses explaining how he feels when the children of Israel complain to him that they would have preferred to stay in Egypt.
  • Write a speech that Pharaoh would broadcast on the radio to the children of Israel in the wilderness after finding out that they were complaining about leaving Egypt.
  • Write a prayer from the children of Israel to God asking for help in the wilderness when they see the Egyptians coming after them.