Pharaoh and his servants changed their mind. They let the children of Israel leave Egypt and then wonder about what they have done.


  • Do we sometimes not realize how good something is for us until it is gone?
  • Pharaoh seems to have forgotten that he let the children of Israel go because that was the only way to stop the plagues. Do you think that he really forgot this so quickly?

Creative Thinking:

  • What are the differences and similarities between workers and slaves?

Homeschooling Activities for absolutely everyone:

  • Have you ever regretted a decision? Write about it.
  • Pharaoh says that since they sent away the children of Israel they have no one.
    • Is this true?
    • Did he really need slaves to build his cities? Explain.
  • Pharaoh seems to have forgotten about the ten plagues. Write Pharaoh a letter reminding him why he let the children of Israel go.
  • Some people who forget have a disease called Alzheimer’s disease. Research Alzheimer’s.
  • Research how the slaves in the United States were freed.
  • Write a poem about being a slave.
  • Pharaoh seems to feel hopeless. Write a song, poem, or essay about hopelessness.
  • Pharaoh let the children of Israel who were their slaves go free. Is it okay to change your mind and reverse your decision when it involves other people. Explain.