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The children of Israel are told that during the seven days of what is now known as the Passover holiday they are not to have any leaven.

Bible Study Tools

Discussion About Leaven and Seven:

  • Where else is the number 7 found in the Bible? Do you think that there is a connection?
  • What is leaven?
  • The children of Israel were told not to have any leaven found in their homes. What does it feel like to be part of a group?

Creative Thinking:

  • Why is food used as a symbol for holidays?
  • What could leaven represent?
  • Give reasons that people like to belong to groups.

Homeschooling Activities for Both Homeschoolers and Non-Homeschoolers:

  • Make a table of different holidays and list the foods that are associated with them.
  • Find other instances in religion where specific foods are not allowed.
  • The children of Israel are told that if they eat leaven food during the special seven day holiday which we know as Passover their souls will be cut away from Israel.
    • What is a soul?
    • What could it mean to have their soul cut away from Israel?
  • Why would the children of Israel care about belonging to their group?
  • Go through your house and make a list of food items that are leaven.
  • Describe the process of bread rising.
  • The children of Israel continue not to eat leaven on their holiday of Passover. Find out what they do eat and write about it.

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