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Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions About Darkness:

  • What do you think a thick darkness would feel like?
  • How is a thick darkness different from regular darkness?

Creative Thinking Questions About the Plague of Darkness:

  • If the thick darkness came from God why would Moses have to stretch out his hand?
  • For what reasons would God pick three days for the thick darkness?
  • There is only one letter difference in think and thick. What could be a connection between these words?

Homeschool Activities for Everyone – Homeschooling or Traditional Schooling:

  • What would be the difference between a sighted person in a thick darkness and a blind person in regular light?
  • Research blindness
  • Write a poem about living in darkness.
  • Write about your feelings living in darkness.
  • See if there is a blind institute near where you live. If there is check if you can go for a visit to find out more about how blind people live. If there is not one near you try to visit a blind institute online.
    • Write a letter to someone explaining something that you learned through your visit (whether live or on the web).
  • Write a thank you note to a doctor or to God from someone who was blind but had an operation and can now see.
  • Write a thank you note to God from someone who is blind for what they do have.
  • Describe what the plague of thick darkness looked like from someone looking at it from the side where the children of Israel lived.