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God said that He would spread locusts throughout the borders of Egypt, but no locusts would enter over the border to where the children of Israel lived.

Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions About Borders:

  • Why do countries have borders?
  • Do you think that it is good that there are different countries or should we just be people of the world?

Creative Thinking Questions About Borders:

  • Describe a world without borders.
  • On what basis would you assign borders?
  • Do you think that countries should still be allowed to change their borders?

Homeschool Activities for Homeschoolers and Non-Homeschoolers Alike:

  • Are there any customs, food, or language that are specific to the country in which you live? If so, what are they?
  • Are there any border disputes today in the world? If so where?
  • God sent a plague of locusts throughout Egypt. Make a list of the harm that locusts can do.
  • Write a journal entry for a locust in Egypt near the border with the children of Israel .
  • Write a newspaper report from a reporter watching the Egyptian border from the side of the children of Israel.
  • How would you mathematically figure out how many locusts it would take to fill the land of Egypt.
  • There are no lines in the ground defining borders. What are the different ways that countries mark their borders?
  • Countries are not the only places that have borders. Make a list of other borders.
  • God sent locusts throughout the borders of Egypt as a plague. Research locusts.