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Pharaoh’s servants have had enough. They ask Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go to serve their God as they have asked to do.

Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions:

  • If God is everywhere why would the children of Israel have to leave Egypt to serve their God?
  • Pharaoh kept the children of Israel against their will. Is it ever right to keep people against their will?
  • Pharaoh was stopping the children of Israel from practicing their religion. Was that okay?

Creative Thinking Questions:

  • People in jail are kept against their will. Should they be given a choice of doing something else instead of spending time in jail? What would some of the choices be?
  • What reasons can you think of to not let someone practice their religion?

Homeschool Activities for Those who Homeschool as well as Those who do Not Homeschool:

  • Research communism as it was in the Soviet Union and how the people were not allowed to practice religion.
  • Check if there is any country today that does not let people practice their religion as they would like.
  • People in jail are not free to leave. Are they free to practice their religion? Do they have any restrictions?
  • What aspects of religion require people to be free?
  • The children of Israel wanted to make sacrifices. Research sacrifices.
  • Would sacrifice or prayer be a more meaningful experience for you? Why?
    • If you do not think either prayer or sacrifice are meaningful describe some form of ritual which would have some meaning to you.
  • Research prayer.
  • Make a chart with the similarities and differences between sacrifice and prayer.
  • Pharaoh’s servants wanted Pharaoh to let the children of Israel to go free because they were afraid of the plagues from God. Have you ever given in to someone because you were afraid?
    • How did it make you feel?
    • Do you think that it is the same or different than Pharaoh‘s servants asking Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go so that they would not have any more plagues from God.