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God tells Moses to instruct Pharaoh that anything or anyone who he does not bring in from the field and conceal will be struck down from hail.

Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions:

  • God told Moses to give a warning to Pharaoh. When is it good to give a warning to people?
  • What are consequences?
  • Pharaoh is told that everything should be brought in from the field and concealed. Who or what are these things and animals being concealed from?
  • God set down the consequences very clearly of what would happen to any people or animals found in the field. Why is it good to tell people what the consequences of their actions will be?

Creative Thinking:

  • When is it not a good idea to give a warning to someone?
  • When is it a bad idea to tell people consequences of their actions?

Homeschool Activities that are also good for non-homeschoolers:

  • Write someone a warning about something.
  • What kind of warnings are you given? Do you heed them or not? Why?
  • Compare a punishment with a consequence. How are they the same and how are they different?
  • Research hail.
  • Write a poem about hail.
  • Describe how you like to be asked to do something and why.
  • Interview Pharaoh about his decision to bring his people and animals inside.
  • Body language can tell us a lot about what a person really feels. Describe Pharaoh‘s body language while Moses was telling him what God said.