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God tells Pharaoh that He could have just killed him and the Egyptians but He didn’t want to. God wanted them to be a living testimony to His strength. God wanted it known throughout the whole world that He was in control of man and nature.

Bible Study Tools for Homeschooling and Everyone Else

Discussion Questions Regarding Strength:

  • Why was it more impressive for God to show His strength to the Egyptians rather than to kill them?
  • Is it more powerful to tell people your strengths or to show them? Why?
  • Is it more powerful for you to tell people about your strengths or for someone else to tell about them?

Creative Thinking Questions:

  • When is it better to tell people your strengths and when is it better to be quiet?
  • God could have wiped out all of the Egyptians. Would it be harder or easier for you to die knowing that your whole nation was dying with you? Explain.
  • If God is so powerful why does He need humans to tell people about Him?

Homeschool Activities Related to God Showing His Strength to Pharaoh and the Egyptians:

  • After seeing all of the plagues that God sent upon the Egyptians it is safe to say that some would truly begin to believe in God. Create a media campaign for these Egyptians trying to get others to believe in one God. Decide if you are aiming your campaign at fellow Egyptians or people from other countries. Use at least four of the following:
    • television
    • old fashioned messenger
    • radio
    • twitter
    • newspaper
    • magazine
    • blog
    • word of mouth
    • bulletin board
    • flyer
    • pamphlet
    • YouTube
  •  What would be the difference between a campaign to get people to believe in one God aimed at fellow Egyptians and a campaign aimed at people from other countries?
  • Come up with a one minute speech about your strengths.
  • Write a poem of gratitude for being spared by an Egyptian.
  • God said that He spared the Egyptians so that they would know His strength and tell the world about Him. Does this make the Egyptians God’s puppets? Explain.
  • Write a case for God to save the Egyptian people if He was trying to decide whether to save them or wipe them all out.
  • Write a case for God to wipe out the Egyptian people if He was trying to decide whether to save them or wipe them all out.
  • What is your strength? How can you show  it to people?
  • In the time of Pharaoh how could the Egyptians tell the world about everything that God caused to happen to them?