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God created a plague. All the Egyptian livestock died from the plague. But, the cattle that belonged to the children of  Israel did not die.

Discussion Questions Related to Cattle Dying in Egypt From the Plague:

  • Is it normal for cattle to die?
  • Is it normal for disease to spread?
  • If it is normal for disease to spread and cattle to die why was this plague exceptional?

Creative Thinking About Cows Dying in Egypt:

  • If an Egyptian said to you that it was just coincidence that all the Egyptian cattle died and none of the cattle from the children of Israel died, how would you convince him that this was God’s doing?
  • If you were an Egyptian cow and you went over to where the children of Israel lived, do you think you would be spared, or you would still die? Explain.

Homecshooling Activities for Even Non- Homeschoolers About Cattle Dying in Egypt From the Plague :

  • Write a journal entry from a cow on the Egyptian side that sees all of the cattle around her is a dying.
  • Write a journal entry from a cow on the side of the children of Israel that sees the cows dying on the Egyptian side but all the cows healthy on the Israelite side.
  • Create a TV news broadcast standing right on the division line between the Egyptians and the children of Israel.
  • Write a poem from a dying cow.
  • Research a disease.
  • Research death.
  • What do you think happens to someone after they die?
  • What do you think people would do with all the cows after they die?
  • Do you think that the children of Israel realized at the time that all the cattle of the Egyptians were being killed and their cattle was being saved? If they knew do you think that they felt lucky that God didn’t kill any of their cattle from this plague? Why or why not?

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