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The water turns to blood in the first plagues

Excerpt from Enjoying Exodus: The Bible in Rhyme by Marcia Goldlist

God told Moses to tell Aaron to take his staff and stretch it over the water and it would turn to blood. This they did standing before Pharaoh and his servants by the water. All the fish died and the water smelled bad.

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Discussion Questions About the Rivers Turning to Blood:

  • Which senses of the people were affected by the water turning to blood? How would this affect the people?
  • How do your senses affect how you think about something?

Creative Thinking About the River Turning to Blood:

  • If there were blood in a river today, what do you think the government would do? Outline the different steps that would be taken.
  • Create a case for a lawyer to take before a judge suing Pharaoh for letting Moses and Aaron turn the river water into blood.
  • Would the sight of the river being full of blood or the smell bother you more? Why?

Homeschool Activities Related to the First Plague:

  • Research what fish need to live.
  • Research blood.
  • Do senses affect each other? Explain.
  • What are things that people can do today if they do not have clean drinking water?
  • Which countries in the world today have trouble getting enough clean drinking water?
  • What in nature would be affected by the water turning to blood?
  • What would be affected by the fish dying?
  • Describe the river turning to blood in a newspaper article.
  • Write a description of what happened to the river to be read on the nightly news.
  • Research different plagues through history.

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