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In order to create His signs and wonders, God harden Pharaoh’s heart. 

Bible Study Tools

Discussion Questions About Hardening Pharaoh’s Heart:

  • What does it mean to harden someone’s heart?
  • Why would God feel that He would have to harden Pharaoh’s heart in order to show His miracles?
  • What does it mean to manipulate someone? Was God manipulating Pharaoh? What do you think about his?

Creative Thinking About Signs and Wonders:

  • List as many reasons as you can why God would harden Pharaoh’s heart.
  • Give examples of how you could harden someone’s heart.
  • God gave signs and wonders. He created the plagues. What signs and wonders could a leader of a country do today to harden another leader’s heart?

Homeschool Activities:

  • How do you feel when someone does not listen to what you ask them to do?
  • Have you ever not done something you were asked to do just to be stubborn? Why were you stubborn?
  • What do you think it would feel like to have your heart hardened? Explain.
  • Write an entry in Pharaoh’s journal how he felt when he refused to do what Moses asked him to.
  • If your task was to harden someone’s heart what would you whisper in his/her ear? Explain the circumstances of your task, what you would say, and why.
  • If you were Moses how would you feel knowing that you were going to ask Pharaoh to do something that he could not agree to? Would it affect your performance?
  • Have you ever felt God’s hand on something that you did? Tell about it.
  • Have you ever felt that something had taken over your plans? Tell about it.
  • Create a dialogue between God, Pharaoh, and Moses discussing God manipulating Pharaoh.