Sorry that I haven’t been more active lately but I was getting out a great tool to help you use Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme to its greatest potential! This workbook offers lots of discussion questions, thinking challenges, creative writing ideas, projects and other activities!

This book is ideal for schools, home school, youth ministries, youth groups, parents who want a different way to talk about the Bible and kids who like to think creatively!

Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Workbook uses the biblical book of Genesis as a starting point for a wide variety of activities to get the mind thinking in various directions and the student writing. This book is meant for homeschooling, youth ministries, religious schools, and anyone who is open to thinking about the Bible in different ways. The book is ideal for ages 11-15.

Each of the 120 exercise pages contains:

~a verse or two from Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme which is a kid friendly fun way to read the book of Genesis in rhyme

~discussion questions

~creative thinking questions

~ at least 7 activities which vary in length and complexity (Some of the activities are creative writing, opinion questions, projects, and media campaigns.)

There are numerous ways to use these exercises. The workbook contains a detailed introduction complete with many suggestions. For instance creative thinking questions can be used for brainstorming individually, in groups, or with the whole class. They can be used separately or given as part of the activity options.

Please note that I am going on vacation, but when I get back I will enthusiastically bring you more to think about regarding the book of Exodus!