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Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk


  • The children of Israel were Pharaoh’s slaves. Why would Moses and Aaron think that Pharaoh would let the children of Israel leave Egypt?
  • If Pharaoh cared about God would he have treated the children of Israel so badly?
  • What did Pharaoh mean when he said that he did not know God?
  • What is slavery?

Creative Thinking:

  • If you were Pharaoh under what conditions would you consider letting the children of Israel leave Egypt?
  • Why would Moses and Aaron ask that the children of Israel be able to go and honor God?

Homeschooling Activities:

  • Write a dialogue between Moses and Aaron deciding what to say to Pharaoh.
  • What other peoples have been enslaved?
  • Write about how another group of people got out of slavery.
  • Write about slavery.
  • Research Egypt.
  • Research the pharaohs.
  • Write about what the children of Israel did under slavery.
  • Do you think that Moses and Aaron asking Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go into the wilderness to honor God was any less extreme than asking that they be let go from slavery?