Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Moses tells God that the children of Israel will not believe him. Discuss believing what people say.:

  • Have you ever had someone not believe you?
      • How did it feel?
  • Did you ever not believe someone?
      • Why did you not believe them?
  • What is confidence?

Creative thinking about believing in people:

  • What are things that Moses could say or do to help the people believe that God did talk to him?
  • What can God say to Moses that will give him confidence?
  • What kinds of things give us confidence?
  • Is it more important to believe in yourself or in someone else? Explain.

Homeschool Activities related to the children of Israel not believing Moses:

  • Write a story about someone who does not have confidence in themselves.
  • Do you think that someone’s confidence affects how they are as a leader? Why or why not?
  • Why would people not believe Moses that God spoke to him and told him to take the children of Israel out of Egypt?
  • Would you believe someone who told you that God spoke to them? Why or why not?
  • Moses did not believe that the children of Israel would believe him. Do you think that the people would believe Moses more if he did not have a negative attitude?
  • Have you ever known that someone would not believe you even though you were going to tell the truth. Tell about it. (You can also make up a situation.)
  • Do you believe that Moses would have decided to help the children of Israel if God did not talk to him? Why or why not?
  • Do you know someone, alive or dead, that you would believe and follow no matter what? Tell about that person. If you cannot think of someone like that tell why.
  • The children of Israel were not happy in Egypt. Why would they not just follow Moses even if they did not believe that God spoke to him?