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Moses sister offers to find help for the baby found by Pharaoh's daughter

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Pharaoh’s daughter takes a baby boy out of the water. She realizes that it is a baby boy from the children of Israel (Hebrews), but she wants to keep the baby anyway. Miriam, Moses’ (the baby boy’s) sister was hiding near the river checking what would happen to Moses. When the daughter of Pharaoh took the baby she came out of hiding and offered to find her a Hebrew woman (one of the women from the children of Israel) to breastfeed the baby.

Help for how to use Bible Study Guide for Miriam Offers Help

Bible Talk  

Discuss with your children:

  • How is a baby fed?
  • What options would Pharaoh’s daughter have to feed the baby if Miriam didn’t offer to find a Hebrew woman to do it?
  • Why do you think that they use the term Hebrew for children of Israel?

Creative Thinking related to Miriam Offers Help

  • I’m sure that the mother of the baby Moses was very happy with what her daughter, Miriam, did. Often we don’t express our thanks for things that we are happy about. Why do you think that this is so?

Homeschool Activities related to Miriam Offers Help

  • Research the origin of baby formula.
  • Pharaoh’s daughter saved a Hebrew baby boy. What do you think her father said to her when he found out?
  • Write a tweet from the baby’s sister (Miriam):
      • while she was watching the basket in the river.
      • when she saw Pharaoh’s daughter tell her servant to take the basket out of the water.
      • when Pharaoh’s daughter said she could get a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby.
  • Research how a mother’s body makes milk.
  • Write a song or poem from the mother’s point of view when Miriam comes home with her baby son.
  • Find a way for the mother to express her thanks to her daughter Miriam.
  • Express your thanks to someone for something that they did for you.
  • Create a campaign to encourage people to thank others when warranted. Use at least two of the following medium:
      • twitter
      • blog post
      • flyer
      • poster
      • billboard
      • email
      • lecture
      • cartoon