The king of Egypt, Pharaoh, is afraid that the children of Israel, the descendants of Jacob, will keep expanding in number and strength. His true fear is that when there is a war, which was very common then, that the children of Israel would help the other side. He wants to make a plan to deal with the children of Israel so that they will not continue to grow and possibly go to the other side.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children: 

  • What is wisdom?
  • Why was Pharaoh afraid of the children of Israel growing in number? Do you think that this was justified?

Creative Thinking

  • Why would a people go against the leadership just because they had grown in population?
  • Make a chart of advantages and disadvantages for ethnic groups living together.

Homeschool Activities

  • What is the population of your town or city?
        • Make a pie chart of the population of where you live dividing it by as many ethnic groups as you can.
  • Do the different ethnic groups get along where you live? Give examples to back up your opinion.
  • Do you think that there is a difference of how various ethnic groups get along today in your city and how they got along in Egypt at the time of the beginning of the book of Exodus?
  • Do you think that Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, should have worried more about the children of Israel growing in population, how to get them to be on his side, or how to integrate them into the population? Explain.
  • Pharaoh wanted to use wisdom in dealing with the children of Israel. Write a speech for Pharaoh to give to his main backers so that they will be behind him.
  • If a representative of the children of Israel could respond to Pharaoh’s worry about them expanding and not being on his side what would they say? Write a speech for a representative to give before Pharaoh.
  • Create a plan to present to Pharaoh of how to promote unity among the Egyptians and the children of Israel. Give as much detail as possible.
  • Create a campaign for your town or city to encourage people to get along. Use at least two of the following media:
        • billboard
        • tweets
        • blog
        • flyer
        • talk to various groups
        • posters
        • TV or radio commercial for a local channel
        • advertisement in a local paper
  • If you were Pharaoh at this time would you have worried about the children of Israel growing in number? Explain.