Joseph spoke to the hearts of his brothers. He really meant what he said and his brothers felt better after he reassured them.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

    • What does it mean to speak to someone’s heart?
    • What is the difference between speaking to the heart and to the brain?

Creative Thinking

  • Think of ways to reassure someone that you sincerely forgive them for something.
    • Reassure the person through their heart.
    • Reassure the person through their brain.
    • Reassure the person through both their heart and their brain.

Homeschooling Activities

  • Write what you would say if you were Joseph to your brothers to reassure them that you forgive them.
      • How would you talk to their heart?
      • How would you talk to their mind?
      • Look up what Joseph said to his brothers in the Bible and compare it to what you said. (Genesis 50:19-21)
  • Research the heart as an organ in the body.
  • Check out which foods are good for your heart.
  • Make a healthy heart dinner for your family.
  • Draw a person with a heart in the correct spot.
  • Why is it important to talk to someone’s heart?
  • Why is it important to talk to someone’s brain?
  • Make a case in front of a judge of why it is more important to talk to someone’s brain or heart.
      • Now defend the other side.
      • Be the judge and make comments on the strong and weak points of your cases.
  • Create a campaign for people to speak to the heart from the heart. Use at least three of the following:
      • Billboard
      • Twitter
      • Blog
      • Flyer
      • Poster
      • Email
      • Newspaper advertisements
      • Magazine advertisements
      • Radio advertisements
      • TV advertisements

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