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We women have come a long way! Let’s celebrate!  

For those of you who are Christian, Muslim, or Jews

I have some timely news.

I have written the biblical book of Esther in rhyme

And it is ready to send to you at this time!

I am not asking for any money from you,

Just something that you can easily do.

In the Bible, Esther asked that all Jews fast for 3 days,

So, to continue the tradition I am asking you to help me in 3 ways:

•     Please send this blog to 3 people

•     View my campaign on Indiegogo

•     Leave a comment on my Indiegogo campaign

And I’ll give you 3 reasons why you should

Besides that for me it is good:

•     You will be letting people know that they can easily read and understand the book of Esther in a fun way.

•     You will be giving people the opportunity to read the Bible in rhyme.

•     You will be spreading hope. Yes, that is right. People will be reminded that Esther made a difference to many people and see that an ordinary person like me is reaching for a dream and they will be encouraged to reach for theirs! It’s International Women’s Day – reconnect with a book like Esther!

Here are 3 reasons why I think that people would like to know

That the book of Esther is now written in rhyme and ready to go:

•     This book is a great way to have fun teaching the book of Esther.

•     It is fun to read a book in rhyme!

•     You give people – of all religions and ages – the chance to be inspired by Esther who took her situation in life and used it for good!

And now I will thank you in 3 ways:

•     Thank you very much!

•     Todah!

•     Merci!