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My newest book Enjoying the Book of Esther: The Bible in Rhyme is in partnership with International Women’s Day!

The biblical book of Esther is the story of an orphan girl who becomes queen. She is adopted by her uncle and follows everything that he says. When Esther’s uncle finds out that there is a plot to kill all of their people he asks her to go to the king and save their people. Esther, probably for the first time in her life says, “No.” Her uncle then explains to her that perhaps she was made queen at this time and place to be able to help her people. She realizes that she can make a difference and designs a plan which she carries out to save herself and her people.

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For every $25 raised on Monday, March 3rd or 8th, $1 will be matched in honor of International Women’s Day.

Take this opportunity to:

  • be inspired by reading this book
  • inspire someone else by giving them the book
  • thank someone for inspiring you by giving them this book!

Thank you for checking out my newest book!

May you always have someone to inspire you and may you always inspire others!