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Olympic symbol and the Bible

The Olympic Symbol and the Olympic Spirit!

Jacob’s sons were asked by Jacob to bury him in Israel, in the cave with his father’s that Abraham bought. Jacob’s sons did just as they were asked.

In this case doing what they were asked was great. But, sometimes in life doing just what we are asked to do isn’t enough.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  •  If the Olympic athletes did what they were asked (they learned their sport) would it be enough to get them to the Olympics?
  • If I wrote books and even published them, but didn’t try to let people know that the books were available would that be enough?
  • If a coach instructed an Olympic athlete would that be enough? Do the coaches have to also be good role models?

Creative Thinking:

  • A Canadian cross-country ski coach at the Olympics helped a Russian skier finsh the race. Look up articles about Justin Wadsworth, the Canadian ski coach at the Sochi Games and read about how he helped athlete Anton Gafarov. Why do you think that the Justin helped Anton? Why do think some people go out of their way to go beyond just doing what they are told, or expected to do?
  • Anton knew that he could not win the Olympics, so why do you think that it was important for him to finish the finish line?
  • Would you agree that the Olympics are about more than just sport? Explain.

Homeschool Activities

  • Write a story about three people who are on the same sports team. One plays because s/he wants to go to the Olympics, one really likes to play, and one goes out for a social activity.
  • Write a story about three siblings. One goes out of his/her way to always be the best that he can be and help others in any way possible, another does what s/he is told and the third sometimes does what s/he is told and sometimes doesn’t.
  • Write a letter to Justin Wadsworth, the Canadian ski coach at the Sochi Olympic Games that helped Anton Gafarov finish skiing in the Olympics.
  • Write a letter from Anton Gafarov to the Canadian ski coach, Justin Wadsworty, explaining what it meant to him to be able to cross the finish line at the Olympics on skis.
  • Write a poem, song, or rap about Olympic spirit.
  • Explain when you think it is good to follow orders and when it is a bad idea.
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  • Jacob’s sons buried him as they were told. Olympic athletes follow their coaches’ instructions. What advice would you give someone to follow to help make them a better person?
  • Jacob’s sons did just what they were asked to do. Would that qualify for the Olympic spirit?