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Congratulations to me!

I’ve learned a new trick!

I now have a campaign up on Indiegogo!

“What?” you might ask. “What is Indiegogo?”

Indiegogo is a crowd funding technique which allows ordinary people, like me, to raise funds from ordinary people like you (no offense). Simply put, I introduce a project – in this case the book of Esther in rhyme – and in exchange for you giving money to support the project I give perks, otherwise known as gifts, that are sent out to the contributors. There are different perks for different amounts of contributions.

My project: I have written the book of Esther in rhyme.

What you can do to help:

  • Click here and take a look at my campaign.
  • Pass my campaign on to others so that they can look at it.
    • You can put my link on your facebook.
    • Send out my link by email.
    • Tell your family, friends, and co-workers.
    • Send a tweet.
  • Buy a perk!
  • Give me suggestions on how to improve my campaign.

Thanks for any and all help that you give me!!!

Please click to see my Indiegogo campaign!