Joseph gave the people seed to plant. When the food grew they were allowed to

keep four fifths to eat and to use to plant to grow more food. One fifth of the

food was to be given to Pharaoh as payment for the seeds.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • What is a fifth?
  • Discuss how bread is made from the time that seeds are planted for wheat.

Creative Thinking

  • Make a list of the different things that Pharaoh would do with his food.
  • If you were Joseph, how would you collect all of the food that was to come to Pharaoh?
  • Make a list of the different ways that a farmer could divide a fifth of his produce.

Homeschool Activities

  • Buy, or gather some seeds and plant them. Watch them grow. Give away one fifth of what you grow to someone.
  • Organize your shirts, toys, or other possession into fifths. Give away one fifth.
  • Count all of your money which you have saved in your room. Take one fifth of the money
      • Pick a charity and give it away.
      • Use the money to buy something for one or both of your parents.
  • The people gave one fifth of their crop to Pharaoh as “their due”. Your parents do a lot for you. Do something for them that expresses your gratitude.
  • Four fifths of the food brought in was for the farmer to keep. If you were the farmer, how would you decide how much of the crops to eat and how much to use for planting?
  • Write a poem, song or rap expressing how hard the work was for the farmers.
  • Write a poem, song, or rap expressing your appreciation to Pharaoh for allowing you to keep four fifths of the produce.