The people of Egypt offered their land for food. Joseph accepted this deal, but decided to move the people off of their original piece of land and resettle them. Joseph moved whole cities of people together.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Is it difficult to move from one house to another?
  • Why is it difficult?
  • Are there fun aspects of moving?

Creative Thinking

  • List the pros and cons of moving people of a city as a unit as opposed to moving everyone individually.

Homeschool Activities

  • Various times in history people have been forcibly relocated. Make a list of as many of these events as you can.
      • Pick one of these historic times and research it thoroughly.
  • Have you ever moved houses? What was hard about moving and what was fun?
  • Do a project on the relocation of people from India and Pakistan.
  • Research the relocation of Gush Katif.
  • If all the people in your city had to be moved would you think that it is better to move with everyone or separate and go your own way? Explain your position.
  • Create a campaign for Joseph to explain that there will be relocation and/or how it will work.
      • What media was available to Joseph?
        • Pick two media that he would have used and create a campaign for him.
        • Pick two media that were not available to Joseph and create a campaign for these two media.
  • Write a song or a poem from someone who had to leave his home, but was grateful to be moving with the city as a whole.
  • Write a thank you note to Joseph for letting the whole city move as a unit.
  • Write an explanation from Joseph why he decided to keep the people of cities together.